This site is about living in the future, exploring what that means, and trying to make sense of it all. And techie projects.
You can reach down the rabbithole by way of alice (AT) lostaurora (DOT) net.


This is a 'still under construction', ever-evolving site. Links may die as pages move around.

'Front & Centre' - home page, starting point, where most things happen

'Tangible' - project page, details the more physical projects and hardware

'Cerebral' - project page, details all the less physical projects and software

'Aethereal' - project page, contains random, fun, less than serious projects

'About & Credits' - this page, contains helpful and referential information about this website

Image Credits

John Tenniel's illustrations of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll (1865). Public domain. Images source: Wikimedia Commons

Starry background images, via shutterstock. Copyright happy_fox_art

Astrological symbols, via shutterstock. Copyright ARCHITECTEUR